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Drs. Sterns and Hughes introduce the iLidRx Pill Dispensing Pod

September 21, 2015
iRxReminder CEO Anthony Sterns and KSU Professor Joel Hughes are interviewed about the iLidRx, a pill dispensing device that will automate and help patients and doctors track medication-taking of multiple medications



March 7, 2014
iRxReminder gets $250K to make an app, device & web portal a trifecta for better care compliance


Press Release

March 6, 2014
iRxReminder Receives $250,000 Commitment in Seed Funding



Finally you can capture digital, electronic data, in-the-moment, directly from patients and study participants. The data is sent from the patient to our web accessible control center in real time.

Capture more accurate data because that data is taken in the moment, rather than retrospectively in the clinic.


When compliance is low patients and study participants drop-out of treatment and studies. Studies show phone calls increase drop-out. Stop drop-out and improve protocol adherence with iRxReminder.

The iRxReminder system has been proven in studies to support high medication adherence.

  • iRxReminder provides external cues to facilitate medication-taking behavior.
  • A smartphone is carried with you, so you get the alert.
  • Changes in cognitive function with age make this especially important for older adults.

Our SmartPhone system is the ideal way to manage and monitor medications taken by clinical trial participants and by patients.


Reduce study costs by 15-20 percent by lowering dropout, improving data accuracy, and getting to the last study participant faster.


The iRxReminder smartphone app and web control center provide a unique, innovative solution for researchers, practitioners, patients, and study participants.

Simple web management of content lets you put medication schedules, surveys, and intervention activities on individual iPhones. There is no need for IT personnel or resources. No waiting for programmers. 

Real time monitoring lets you get your data right away. And non-compliance can be identified and action taken to bring the person back into compliance.

Track adherence, exercise, emotional state, weight, blood pressure, or anything else you can imagine. iRx Reminder helps you take control of your study.