Mental Health Services

Empower clients to high adherence

Mental Health Services Details

Clients success is correlated with taking medications on schedule. Our pill dispenser uses smart alerts to allow individuals to take medications by choice, and only receive reminders when they forget. As patients get better at taking medicine on-time, they get fewer more meaningful alerts, driving each client to high adherence

Our behavior-focused approach reinforces positive attitudes about successful self-management. And for clients who do not take there medications, field staff can be alerted to intervene and avoid a crisis. This ensure less time is spend reacting to hospitalization, incarceration, or homelessness from negative interactions when off medications. 


Remote monitoring for patient feedback

Telepsychiatry Details

Telepsychiatry is a powerful tool for clients receiving services remotely. A way to extend offered services is to provide client medication review, monitoring, and intervention for non-adherence. iRxReminder's pill dispenser not only supports clients adherence, but provides a reimbursable service to support patient stability. 


Reduce liability and preserve reputation; decrease mishaps from consumer error, pharmacy groups and Mail Order Fulfillment

Pharmacies Details

  • Pharmaceutical R&D
  • Healthcare Underwriters & Plan Administration
  • Healthcare Systems & Facilities
  • Aging In Place
  • Research Centers

Pharmaceutical R&D

Drug Development and Clinical Trials

Pharmaceutical R&D Details

  • Reduce clinical trial drop-outs by X%
  • Reduce clinical trial cost by a minimum of $xx
  • Collect adherence data remotely
  • Gather feedback on side effects
  • Reduce time and cost of contacting enrollees

Healthcare Systems & Facilities

Patient retention, revenue post discharge, better outcomes and reduce readmissions.

Healthcare Systems & Facilities Details

Doctor’s Offices & Clinics

  • Improve prescription adherence among our patientsMake sure Rx changes go through, and the patient “gets it”

Hospitals and Nursing Facilities

  • Reduce penalties due to unnecessary re-hospitalization
  • Increase bundled payment profit margins by keeping patients on their meds long after they leave the facility

Assisted Living

Assisted Living / Senior Living / Home Health

Assisted Living Details

Senior Living / Assisted Living

  • Keep residents in their homes longer, because they are more self-sufficient
  • Less turnover

Home Health

  • No extra Med Tech certification needed to get most clients taking their meds
  • Increase the lifetime value of each account

Research Centers

Academic Research Centers
Pharmaceutical Research

Research Centers Details

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Healthcare Underwriters & Plan Administrators

Healthcare Insurance Underwriters
Medicare and Medicaid

Healthcare Underwriters & Plan Administrators Details

Healthcare Providers and Plans

  • Reduce penalties and extra costs of re-hospitalization by keeping patients on their meds
  • View data on prescription adherence

Plan Administrators