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AARP Innovation Leader

AARP Innovation Leader
Apr 12, 2017

Anthony Sterns, CEO of iRxReminder, is named one of 50+ Innovation Leaders by AARP and MedCity News.


Who is your healthcare hero?
Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong

What inspired you to work with the aging population?
My parents Drs. Harvey and Ronni Sterns dedicated their careers to the study of aging. They inspired me to go beyond studies to designing interventions that improve healthcare and the quality of life for older persons. It has inspired my involvement in gerontechnology and the creation of cognitive prosthetics to support medication adherence and lengthening living independently.

Anthony Sterns has a lifelong commitment to healthcare and cognitive solutions for older persons. As CEO of startup iRx Reminder, he has innovated an internet-connected device for more advanced medication management used in research, clinical trials and personal prescription maintenance, reducing the overall cost of research, healthcare and re-hospitalization. One key innovation is that medication is managed together among the consumer, the healthcare professional and the family caregiver, providing maximum transparency in adherence to the regimen. The iRx Reminder solution uses cloud- and mobile-based assistance to a state-of-the-art pill dispenser that controls and tracks medication taking. The platform reminds the consumer only when the optimal pill-taking window of time is closing. This empowers the person to take medication on time themselves, relieving caregivers and making it less likely the consumer will abandon medication management systems altogether. Other advantages include the sleek, space-saving form factor, portability and ability to modify the pill-taking regimen remotely without refilling the prescription. A graduate of the universities of Michigan and Akron, a fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and a board member of the International Society of Gerontology, Sterns has applied decades of experience to universal solutions for keeping retirees healthy.