ATA update and see you in Austin! - Booth 1426L - News Details

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ATA update and see you in Austin! - Booth 1426L

ATA update and see you in Austin! - Booth 1426L
Apr 23, 2013

Bringing Health Care Research into the new mobile Age of technology

iRx Reminder is excited to be a part of this year’s ATA symposium in Austin this May. Founded in 2009 we deliver a complete smartphone based clinical research data management system for researchers, research centers, and sponsoring organizations.

The system consists of web-based management software a smartphone application and patented pillbox technologies. The application allows for customizable surveys medication reminding podcast-style education modules and study activity tracking in real time. The system is ideal for new drug, device research, following post surgical recovery after discharge, and research for population health or chronic disease management and behavior-based interventions.

iRx Reminder - the research solution for:

  • Capture - Comprehensive, in-the-moment and more accurate e-data directly from patients and study participants. (PRO, Telemedicine, Adherence, Competency, Behavioral)
  • Compliance - Medication, protocol, or health care regimen compliance.
  • Control - Simple web management with real time monitoring and expanded span of control.
  • Costs - Reduce significant cost components of conducting research specifically to dropout, recruitment, and span of control and/or to meet regulatory approval and to bring a new medication, device, or protocol to market sooner; saving up to 20% in total study costs.
  • Coordination – iRxReminder technology acts as a hub for wireless biomarker equipment such as blood pressure, heart telemetry, and other vitals. The iRxReminder smartphone app and web control center also provides an expanded sole source capability in coordination of all patient activities, education, compliance assurance, and reporting.

Look for us at the booth 1426L Exhibit Hall Map

Drop us a line to arrange a demonstration in Austin or just to learn some more.

Read about our new collaboration at:
New Directions Technology Consulting Inks Deal with iRx Reminder to Co-develop Bidirectional, mHealth, Smartphone Solutions for Clinical Trials