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Health Insider talks to iRxReminder

Health Insider talks to iRxReminder
Apr 3, 2014

Welcome Health Insider. Today’s guest is Larry Tusick, Vice President of Business Development with iRx Reminder.

iRx Reminder is a complete, full-featured application that is ideal for patient care management or clinical research. Unlike other systems you do not need Internet or to maintain a computer. The individual will carry their phone with them naturally. Using the control center you set up medication schedules, surveys to follow changes in attitude, and tasks to follow physical attributes. All data is sent in real time to the control center. Each feature is accessed from the central Today screen.

Show Notes and Highlights:

  • We discuss the importance of patient accountability when it comes to post care.
  • Learn about the challenges of medication adherence in the US.
  • Mobile Technolgy, Telemed, Data Integration, and real-time healthcare management and how they are changing modern healthcare.