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in the Apple App Store!

in the Apple App Store!
Jul 11, 2011

iRx Reminder is proud to present their mobile research and clinical trial management application now available at the Apple iPhone App Store.

Cleveland, OH –, July 8, 2011– iRx Reminder, LLC, an Akron Ohio mobile healthcare technology firm is proud to announce that it can now offer its innovative technology to medical researchers worldwide through the Apple iPhone App Store. This is the first application of its kind available in the APP Store that truly offers real-time two way communication exchange between the patient and the clinical researcher that is completely customizable by the researcher.
Anthony Sterns CEO said "We are very excited to be available in the App Store as of today offering our robust tool for use to conduct medication or behavioral interventional research with patients with most medical conditions”, said Sterns. Because of the ground-breaking nature of the iRxReminder System, our review required a more rigorous scrutiny than a standard app. But at the conclusion of the process we are now even more confident in the strength of our technology and our business model. Being in the App Store allows us to instantly distribute our software to anywhere in the world making the process of supporting our customers simple and seamless and in fact we have our first interest in our system at the University of Marburg in Germany.
These enhanced capabilities bolster clinical trial performance and intervention research of all types resulting in improved medication or activity compliance, accelerated recruitment pace and reduced patient drop out rates. The system also provides comprehensive realtime data capture with significant patient education and monitoring capability that allows for your research or trial being completed sooner with enhanced results. Additionally, the iRx team can deliver need specific customized elements for researchers and provide consultative support in protocol design utilizing the latest smart mobile device technology.
Drs. Mary Delanski of Case Western's College of Nursing and Joel Hughes of Kent State University are using the system for an institutionally funded study on heart failure. Summa Health System's Department of Geriatrics has completed a National Institute of Health funded study on post-stroke recovery using the system. They have applied for a large scale, multi-site, multi-year grant to demonstrate the use of the system within the internal medicine and family practice settings.

Hughes states that the, "iRxReminder enhances our research because we can track medication adherence and initiate reminders using something people already have--their phone. We don't need to install new equipment or have internet access in people's homes or teach them to accept new devices. A smartphone fits everyone's life."
This proven application has also already been used at other prominent universities and health care institutions to support research in heart disease, stroke recovery, medication adherence and stress in caregiving. “Researchers are able to easily customize the app to include whatever instructions, survey questions or educational materials they’d like to get in their patients hands with timely and precise data capture”, Sterns said. “And the key innovation is that I as a researcher have an app on an iPhone capable of doing whatever I envision in helping patients with health compliance customizable at anytime without the need for programming or IT staffing support” he added.
About iRx Reminder
iRxReminder™ LLC, based in Akron, OH and founded in 2009 delivers a complete smartphone–based clinical trial data management system for clinical research centers. The system allows researchers to deploy a customized study protocol to a smartphone in minutes without the need to hire programmers. The application supports customizable surveys, medication reminding, podcast–style education modules, and study activity tracking in real time. It is ideal for research in chronic disease management and behavior–based interventions. The company has received recent recognition as the 2011 TiEQuest Ohio Business Plan Competition, as a finalist for the 2011 TiEQuest Global Business Plan Competition and selection to the TiE Boston Entrepreneur’s Forum.

Larry Tusick
Director of Business Development