Healthcare Systems and Facilities

Healthcare Systems and Facilities


Reduce liability and preserve reputation; decrease mishaps from consumer error, pharmacy groups and Mail Order Fulfillment

Pharmacies Details

  • Pharmaceutical R&D
  • Healthcare Underwriters & Plan Administration
  • Healthcare Systems & Facilities
  • Aging In Place
  • Research Centers

Pharmaceutical R&D

Drug Development and Clinical Trials

Pharmaceutical R&D Details

  • Reduce clinical trial drop-outs by X%
  • Reduce clinical trial cost by a minimum of $xx
  • Collect adherence data remotely
  • Gather feedback on side effects
  • Reduce time and cost of contacting enrollees

Healthcare Systems & Facilities

Patient retention, revenue post discharge, better outcomes and reduce readmissions.

Healthcare Systems & Facilities Details

Doctor’s Offices & Clinics

  • Improve prescription adherence among our patientsMake sure Rx changes go through, and the patient “gets it”

Hospitals and Nursing Facilities

  • Reduce penalties due to unnecessary re-hospitalization
  • Increase bundled payment profit margins by keeping patients on their meds long after they leave the facility

Assisted Living

Assisted Living / Senior Living / Home Health

Assisted Living Details

Senior Living / Assisted Living

  • Keep residents in their homes longer, because they are more self-sufficient
  • Less turnover

Home Health

  • No extra Med Tech certification needed to get most clients taking their meds
  • Increase the lifetime value of each account

Research Centers

Academic Research Centers
Pharmaceutical Research

Research Centers Details

(needs expanded text)

Healthcare Underwriters & Plan Administrators

Healthcare Insurance Underwriters
Medicare and Medicaid

Healthcare Underwriters & Plan Administrators Details

Healthcare Providers and Plans

  • Reduce penalties and extra costs of re-hospitalization by keeping patients on their meds
  • View data on prescription adherence

Plan Administrators