Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

Tool for Self-management

Smart therapeutic reminding

Tool for Self-management Details

The patient is reminded to take the therapeutic. Track the mood of the patient. Triggers early intervention when patients are non-compliant. Makes check-up visits more impactful to the agency bottom line.

Billable patient independence

Support the transition from in-patient care to community living.

Billable patient independence Details

Support the transition from in-patient care to community living. Patient monitoring provides billable events.

Stabilize patients

Through high adherence patients remain stabile.

Stabilize patients Details

Stabilize patients through better adherence: Patients achieve high adherence. stays engaged in weekly treatment which avoid the time and costs of patient crises which occurs with non-compliance.

Stop crisis time and management

Reduce the costs of patient crises.

Stop crisis time and management Details

Stop crisis time and management: A non-compliant patient is more likely to require hospitalizations, incarceration, and other crisis support services.

Mental Health Services

Empower clients to high adherence

Mental Health Services Details

Clients success is correlated with taking medications on schedule. Our pill dispenser uses smart alerts to allow individuals to take medications by choice, and only receive reminders when they forget. As patients get better at taking medicine on-time, they get fewer more meaningful alerts, driving each client to high adherence

Our behavior-focused approach reinforces positive attitudes about successful self-management. And for clients who do not take there medications, field staff can be alerted to intervene and avoid a crisis. This ensure less time is spend reacting to hospitalization, incarceration, or homelessness from negative interactions when off medications.


Remote monitoring for patient feedback

Telepsychiatry Details

Telepsychiatry is a powerful tool for clients receiving services remotely. A way to extend offered services is to provide client medication review, monitoring, and intervention for non-adherence. iRxReminder's pill dispenser not only supports clients adherence, but provides a reimbursable service to support patient stability.