Clinical trials, medication Phase III trials, and other research support technology


The iRxReminder platform empowers researchers and their study participants to complete their study tasks. Researchers know exactly how the participants are following the protocol, and can intervene with those participants who are not, getting them back on track, staying in the study, and finishing as scheduled.

Using the iRxControl Center to deploy and monitor participants, and the iRxCapture Pro and ESmCapture apps to follow medication taking and symptom reporting, and the iLidRx pill dispensing pod to validate medication dispensing, researchers get better data, finish their studies on schedule, and save the additional 30% costs that result from participants leaving a study unannounced, dropping out, and the extra time required for the last person in to complete the study.

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The Non-adherence Problem

Taking medications correctly is a big problem in medicine. We have effective medications for many chronic conditions, but people are not good at taking their medicines. In fact, the CDC (2015) reports 700K ER visits, 341K hospitalizations and 125K deaths each year, are directly attributable to not taking medications correctly. This translates to more than $320 billion in avoidable healthcare costs.

Growing Need

The number of older adults is doubling by 2030, and costs will also grow. Despite this urgency no solution tried, from no tech (pill organizers), to low tech (text messages, phone services, alarmed pillboxes), to state-of-the-art solutions (wireless pill caps; connected pillboxes) have meaningfully impacted the problem.

The Adherence Challenge

There are 5 adherence challenges today’s technologies fall short on. Today’s reminding technologies are nagging and easily ignored, rather than supportive and empowering. Wireless caps count openings, not control how many pills are taken, and connected pillboxes require sorting, leading to errors and ER visits.

Success, Satisfaction, Savings

iRxReminder’s platform has solved all these challenges. Proven in studies, the platform empowers patients to achieve high adherence, improves communication and interactions with the healthcare team, and eliminates errors. Through wide-scale adoption it will provide a solution to manage twice the population with fewer resources, improving care and saving billions.

The Adherence Solution

We do that with our 3–component system. Our cloud-based iRxControl center is used by the healthcare team to deploy regimens and get information back in real time. Patients utilize our apps for medication support, symptom reporting, and patient education. Pill dispensing and monitoring are done with the iLidRx, our IoT pill dispensing pod. The platform’s unique component, it’s simple for pharmacists to load and program and simple for the patient to use. Simply Hold, Place, and Tilt™ to dispense.